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Frequently Asked Questions

Get further details about Mastercard®SecureCode™. Use the links below to jump to specific topic areas, or scroll down the page to review the full list of questions and answers.

General questions

What is Mastercard SecureCode?

Mastercard SecureCode is a service from Mastercard International and provided to you by Walmart Canada Bank, the issuer of your Walmart Mastercard. Mastercard SecureCode offers you a more secure Internet shopping experience when you use your Mastercard online. Using a personal SecureCode™ that you create for your Walmart Mastercard, you gain an extra level of protection against unauthorized use of your card. Once you activate your SecureCode, no one can use your Walmart Mastercard number at participating online stores without it.

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How does Mastercard SecureCode work?

When you shop at participating online stores and pay with your Walmart Mastercard card, a personalized window will open on your screen. Simply enter your SecureCode and click "Submit". Your identity will be verified and the purchase process will proceed. Without your SecureCode, the purchase cannot be completed.

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How does Mastercard SecureCode protect me?

Since your card is protected by your personal SecureCode, only you can use your card online. If a purchase with your Walmart Mastercard is attempted at a participating online store without your SecureCode, the purchase cannot be completed.

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Will I get a separate statement for Mastercard SecureCode purchases?

No. All of your purchases made with your SecureCode will appear on your monthly Walmart Mastercard statement along with your other transactions for that month.

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Where can I buy with Mastercard SecureCode?

Walmart Mastercard SecureCode is already available at many online stores, and the list of stores is growing every month! Of course, you will still be able to shop at online merchants that are not Walmart Mastercard SecureCode enabled.

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Do I have to pay for Mastercard SecureCode?

No. Mastercard SecureCode is free to all Walmart Mastercard cardholders.

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What are the system requirements for Mastercard SecureCode?

Mastercard SecureCode requires the use of Windows Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.5, 6.0 (including 6.0 on XP SP2), 7.0 and 8.0, Windows Netscape® 7.2, Windows AOL ® 9, Windows Firefox® 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, Opera® 9.5 and Macintosh Safari® You will also need to ensure that Cookies and JavaScript are enabled and pop-up killers are disabled on your computer when you are making a purchase with Mastercard SecureCode.

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What happens when my Walmart Mastercard expires?

When you are re-issued a new Walmart Mastercard, with the same account number, Mastercard SecureCode is automatically updated with the new card information. You do not need to activate your SecureCode for your new card.

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What happens if I cancel my Walmart Mastercard and get a new one with a different account number?

You will need to activate your new Walmart Mastercard with Mastercard SecureCode.

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What cards are eligible for Mastercard SecureCode?

Any of your personal Walmart Mastercard cards are eligible with Mastercard SecureCode.

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The Personal Account Manager

What is the Personal Account Manager?

The Personal Account Manager is a special service offered by Walmart Canada Bank, that helps you track the purchases you have made using your SecureCode. In addition, it enables you to change your account settings such as changing your email address and SecureCode.

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Do I need to write down the details of my online purchases?

No. When using Mastercard SecureCode you do not need to record your purchase details anywhere. You can review your previous receipts online through the personal account manager feature.

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How can I access the Personal Account Manager?

You can access the Personal Account Manager through the Mastercard SecureCode web site at
We also recommend that you add it to your favorites or bookmarks.

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I am trying to login to the Personal Account Manager but I forgot my SecureCode. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your SecureCode, select the Forgot your SecureCode link that appears on the Personal Account Manager login. You will then be able to create a new SecureCode.

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How do I change my SecureCode?

In the Personal Account Manager,access Manage Your Profile, and select Change your SecureCode. You will be required to enter your old SecureCode, create a new SecureCode and retype it for verification. You must select a SecureCode between 7-15 characters. We recommend that you select a SecureCode that will be easy for you to remember and difficult for others to guess. Please remember to protect your SecureCode, and do not reveal it to anyone.

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How do I update my email address?

Your email address is used for important notifications from Walmart Canada Bank. It is therefore important that you keep your email address up to date. In the Personal Account Manager, access Manage Your Profile, and select Update your email. Your old email will be presented, and you will be able to enter a new one.

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DDA - Disability Discrimination Act

What Accessibility features are provided on this site?

The following accessibility features are provided:

  • Support for windows reader.

  • Support of resizing the text.

  • Support for No Java Script.

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    How can I resize the text?

    In the browser go to View ==> Text Size and choose "Largest".

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    Where can I find more information on Accessibility?

    Accessibility reference can be found in:

  • W3 accessibility guidelines

  • W3 accessibility techniques

  • The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA)

  • JAWS a screen reader for Windows.

  • Windows-Eyes a screen reader for Windows.

  • PwWebSpeak a screen reader for Windows.
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