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Get ready to shop on the Internet with added confidence. With Verified by Visa, only you can use your card to buy online.

Verified by Visa enables you to approve and sign a purchase receipt whenever shopping online at a Verified by Visa merchant. You are totally protected, since you approve each purchase with your own secret password. Your shopping experience is unchanged: you enter your card details and click "Order Now" to proceed.

Once you have begun the purchase process, the Verified by Visa receipt pops up. It displays your purchase details and asks you to identify yourself with your card number and password.

In addition, the Personal Message you selected during the registration process will also appear to assure you that this is a genuine Citizens Bank receipt. When the receipt appears, confirm the details, and simply click "Submit".

That's it! The Thank You page appears, and your purchase is complete. You can easily track your transactions with the Verified by Visa Personal Account Manager.

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